When to change oil?

Probably the biggest mystery of the automobile is the question "WHEN DO I CHANGE THE OIL IN MY CAR"

There are so many variables and opinions on this question of "WHEN DO I CHANGE THE OIL IN MY CAR" that it prompted us years ago to do research on this subject.

In the process of oil changes we noted so many variables; from driving habits and conditions, to the destruction of gaskets that lead to minor and major leaks due to the improper types, manufactures and quality of oil. Another trend we saw was that some high performance European automobiles were susceptible to major problems created by the WRONG OIL. 

There have been some bold statements by some oil manufacturing companies that their oil did not need to be changed for 20,000 miles. When we further explored these claims we found that the conditions for this length of oil usage could not be achieved. Also we found a condition to getting 20,000 miles on an oil change, you had to drive 20,000 miles in a year to get the value of oil with a 20,000 mile life. It reads  "or 1 year, whatever occurs first" .

This is a strange statement because they are claiming their processes allow their oil to last longer. Are they saying it only lasts longer if your drive, and not when it is sitting. What if you don't drive 20,000 miles in a year, does this mean the oil has a lifetime of only a year. You figure it out. Doesn't make sense to us as mechanics. 

Also, they have 16 different synthetic oils to choose from; in addition to approximately 8 other choices. These choices are according to your driving conditions, type of automobile you drive and how you drive, and and and. Do they not know driving conditions and drivers for an automobile change. Do they want you to change your oil every-time a different type of driver is driving, or if driving conditions change, such as weather, etc. 

Okay, with all this in mind, the advantage of all this information is valid for new cars. But...what about all the other cars on the road. Surveys have shown that the average age of a car on the road today is 10 years.

Due to all the conditions that can contaminate oil, and this is beyond the oil's ability to perform under all the conditions that contaminate our engines oil.  Autospec  recommends that you change your oil every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

We use fully synthetic oils that are processed to keep all parts of your engine lubricated to help reduce wear and give you better gas mileage.


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