What does any "make" any "model" mean? 

We have become multi make specialists. Our experienced technicians can work on all cars, and transportation vehicles as well.

The BMW in the photo is a unique BMW Turbo Diesel. Not only did it have body damage, but it also had mechanical issues as well. We have specific technicians for specific tasks. 

Autospec is a "ONE STOP" repair facility. We also do custom work as well, but that will be a separate topic you will see on our web site.

Autospec has both body and mechanical facilities. Both are conveniently located in the same complex. We have the expertise for both disciplines. We have mechanical technicians working on the mechanical repairs, and body technicians working on body issues. Check out other repair shops. Can they make this statement. I think not.

This system insures competencies for all repairs. As we know, specialists are needed in all our lives. Specialists know the most about their jobs. A general practitioner does not do brain surgery. A body technician does not do suspension repair.