Portfolio Category: REPAIR SHOP

We keep it running smooth.

When you look under the hood it can be very confusing. At AUTOSPEC we are experts at making every repair perfect, so you can hit the road knowing you are well taken care of.  
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We check everything

We check the coolant on every car that comes into our shop. We check everything too. Belts, oil, fluids, brakes, tires, listen for noises, windshield wipers, batteries, etc. Stop by the shop anytime and have all these items checked for free. We will even give you a bottle of water while you are waiting.
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Air Filters

Clean air filters, for the engine and cabin. Clean air filters keep you car running efficiently and improve acceleration and gas mileage. Clean cabin filters keep the air smelling good. Ever have a strange smell inside your car and you do not know where it is coming from? It is a good chance it is…
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