What do you know about transmissions?

I am sure you are familiar with some of the acronyms the auto industry uses like; Anti-lock brakes (ABS), electronic stability control (ESP), gasoline direct injection (GDI): There is a fairly new one called CVT. (continuous variable transmission) The (CVT) transmission was designed to reduce cost and is less complicated and is designed to give…
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Twist the key to start your car, pickup truck or SUV, and you are faced with a veritable Christmas tree of lights on the dashboard. Even entry-level cars have warning lights indicating that the engine, anti-lock-braking system and airbag restraint system are ready for action. One by one, these lights wink out as sensors communicate…
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Clean Car Wheels

Car wheels, often made up of an aluminum or magnesium alloy, are what serve to hold the tire. On some cars, a plastic wheel cover or hubcap is affixed to the wheel itself. Both require cleaning to keep up appearances. And your car’s wheels take some of the heaviest abuse on your car, generally needing…
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