What should I know about oil for my older car?

The typical automobile on the road today is more than 11 years old. That’s because drivers are keeping their cars longer or opting to purchase pre-owned vehicles instead of new models. And unless you own a classic car that you drive only under certain conditions, you probably have lots of miles on your pre-owned engine.

Caring for older, high mileage vehicles

Today’s vehicles are generally capable of racking up more miles than cars and trucks of a generation ago, but the secret to true vehicular longevity is still the same: regular maintenance.

High mileage vehicles need tender loving care. To get long life from your engine, remember to:

  • Top off all fluids
  • Check the coolant level, especially in the warmer months
  • Inspect filters, belts and hoses

Also, be sure to get your tune-ups at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. Most of all, your high mileage engine needs regular oil changes. As vehicles and their engines age, their moving parts can wear and potentially need even greater lubricant protection. And while your high mileage engine won’t turn its nose up at regular engine oil, it will perform better if you use oil specifically formulated for high mileage engines.

High mileage engines – those with more than 75,000 miles – face a number of potential problems that high mileage oil is specifically formulated to address. Some high mileage oils, like Liqui Moly Extended Performance High Mileage Oil, contain engine oil additives and conditioners that help to combat aging oil problems.

Engine oil consumption and leaks
Over time, an engine's seals can erode, causing engine oil to leak. Additives in certain high mileage oils can protect worn seals and keep leaks from forming. Older vehicles tend to burn more oil and the lower volatility of Liqui Moly helps reduce oil loss caused by burn-off, particularly on cylinder walls due to leakage past the oil control ring.

Engine oil sludge
Sludge is a tar-like residue that can build up in an engine as the result of oil thickening or breakdown, most often the result of too-infrequent oil changes. Liqui Moly oil can help remove engine sludge and reduce wear in older engines.

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