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What should I know about oil for my older car?

The typical automobile on the road today is more than 11 years old. That’s because drivers are keeping their cars longer or opting to purchase pre-owned vehicles instead of new models. And unless you own a classic car that you drive only under certain conditions, you probably have lots of miles on your pre-owned engine.…
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Car Care Tips

Car detailing isn’t something you need to do that often. You might roll up your sleeves once a year to perform a top-notch cleaning – sweeping, scrubbing, wiping every nook and cranny – on your car. The level of clean you need? It’s really whatever you prefer. Here’s a helpful guide to get you started.…
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Spark Plug Information

In times past, one of the easiest maintenance items on a vehicle was checking and changing the spark plugs. That was before engine compartments became shrouded in emissions tubing and computerized sensors. If you’re lucky enough to have an automobile where the spark plugs are relatively easy to reach, take advantage of it. That’s because…
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